Rescue Organisations

We firmly believe that all animals deserve our help, and so we support animal organisations both local and abroad. From the Hutt SPCA to the Thailand’s flood stricken cats and dogs, we aim to help in any way we possibly can. If you come into our reception area in our cattery you’ll often find cats that are down on their luck and are looking for loving, forever homes, and appeals for SPCA and foreign charities. We directly support the Hutt SPCA with our veterinary care, and donate medicines, regularly fundraise and share our knowledge with several charities.

Upper hutt SPCA

Our hospital proudly supports the Hutt SPCA, and as such we often have beautiful animals looking for their ‘forever’ homes. If you are looking for a new member for your family, consider adoption from our SPCA cats and dogs. 

Contact us to enquire about available adoption pets.