Meet Kira

Did you know that cats that are obese have shorter lifespans than those that maintain a healthy weight? Obesity is one of the most prominent diseases that we see in our veterinary clinic which in turn increases the chances of other health problems such as bone/joint disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease and in some cases heart and respiratory disease.

The great news is, there are plenty of options for your furry friends to help drop the weight and keep it off! Our nurse Sam has a special interest in educating owners on the right way to sustainably shed cats (or dogs) weight. Along side her knowledge and determination, she uses the Hill's Metabolic diet, tailors a specific calculation for your pet on how much to feed and advises you throughout your animal’s weight loss journey.

Meet Kira! Kira came to the clinic with Lower Urinary tract issues, however our Vet noticed Kira had also been gaining weight. Once her urinary tract infection was cleared, we opted to put her on a special diet for weight loss and urinary support. Kira visits the clinic monthly for weight checks to ensure she is well and that her weight is coming off at a healthy rate. With perseverance and commitment by her owners, she is well on the way to her goal weight. Keep up the good work Kira, you are doing so well!

If you are concerned about your pet’s weight, now is the best time to call us and make a free appointment with Sam. With her help, you can help your porky pet reach their potential!