Chelsea's Africa Trip

Recently Chelsea, one of our team members, went on an overseas trip for two months. She spent three of those weeks in Africa – a place she has always dreamt of visiting. Chelsea spent time in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. She was amazed at seeing animals in their natural habitats. Unfortunately, as most people know, poaching is still a major threat to a lot of African wildlife – this means seeing them in the wild may not be as easy in years to come. Chelsea met a lot people in Africa that were very passionate about the conservation of wildlife, park rangers in particular. The park rangers are doing their best to educate as many people as possible on the topic of wildlife conservation.

There isn’t a lot of domestic cats and dogs in Africa, the majority of dogs that Chelsea saw were homeless – however they were all fed by the local people. One of the campsites that Chelsea stayed at had pets, one of which was an eight week old puppy, there was also a few other dogs, a goat and some cats. These cats were free roaming and came and sat with us in the restaurant and bar.

The highlight for Chelsea on her trip was Kruger National Park. She was very lucky and saw ‘the big five’ (elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo and rhino) as well as an abundance of other animals and birds. The group went on both night time game drives and full day game drives with a park ranger who was very informative on the park and species within it.

Chelsea would definitely recommend a trip to Africa to anyone who loves animals, is interested in seeing and experiencing a completely different culture and wants a real adventure (beer is also only $2 there!).  It was one of the best experiences Chelsea has had and she is excited to return in the future.