An eventful month for our team's pets!

Our clinic has had a busy month helping furry friends get their tails wagging again! We recently had a kitten surrendered to us with a fractured leg. After repairing his fracture and neutering him back to health, we intended to rehome him. However, he took matters into his own paws and selected Ashleigh to be his new paw-rent! He’s quite a character and his fracture has healed well, despite his attempts to resist resting during his recovery.

An eventful month for our team’s pets!

To continue with the injury run, Sam’s dog Daisy and Deva’s dog Naya also injured their cruciate ligaments and will be having their operations soon. Saskia’s cat Loki has some dental work done. For those of you who have visited us recently, you may have met Charlotte’s puppy Saoirse (pronounced Sursha). This name is Irish for freedom as she was saved from the pound. Saoirse is still a bit little to stay at home by herself, so she accompanies Charlotte during her shifts.

On the education front, our team have all completed the Feliway Cat Handling Programme. This programme taught us new techniques to handle pets in a way to minimise fear and stress associated with the vet visit. We are dedicated to making visits to our clinic as pleasant as possible for all furry friends. We have Feliway and Adaptil diffusers on at all times to release calming pheromones. If your pet is still stressed by the visit, there are options to give anti-anxiety medications to help reduce their discomfort. Please speak to our friendly team if you think your pet will benefit from this.

This month also marks a new dental campaign at our clinic, where we’ll be focusing on dog dental health! Bookings are essentials for Dental Checks and while stocks last, your furry friend will receive a free OraVet chew after their check! Call our clinic to make an appointment.