Q. Does my cat need to be vaccinated to board in your cattery?

A. Yes, cats that enter our general cattery are required to be up to date with their vaccinations. This protects them from contracting illness while they are here. As catteries can be stressful environments we want to be especially careful of your cat coming down with the Herpes Virus, which can be stress related.

If your cat is not up to date with their vaccinations we do have four isolation spaces in a separate isolation room. We will not board your cat in here unless we see evidence of them being on their way to getting protected by vaccines or unless there is some other acceptable reason for them not to be up to date. If you wish your cat to be boarded in our isolation room this will need to be specified when you make your booking as spaces are very limited.

Q. My cat had their last vaccines four years ago, can they still board in your cattery?

A. Yes, but only in our isolation accommodation. As per the terms of boarding in our isolation area we will require permission to vaccinate on arrival if not sooner.

Q. Does my cat get to socialise with cats from other families?

A. Individually housing cats in spacious accommodation is essential for accurately monitoring each pet’s day-to-day habits, picking up on any issues and avoiding inter-cat aggression and isolating behaviours. Because of this we do not let cats from different families out in floor area at the same time.

Q. Is there an outdoor area for my cat to go in?

A. Because we are located on a busy main road we do not have an outdoor area. Our cattery does however get a lot of natural light and sun.

Q. Do I need to supply my own pet food?

A. No, unless they are on a prescription diet or you want them fed something specific. We feed Hill’s Science Diet Adult Optimal Care Original cat food which provides precisely balanced nutrition to maintain vital organ health and lean muscles. It contains a precise balance of essential nutrients and clinically proven antioxidants to maintain superior overall health and a strong immune system. It also has added taurine to help maintain heart health and controlled phosphorus to maintain kidney health. This is a dry pet kibble.

Q. Do you supply any wet pet food?

A.  No, as we are primarily a veterinary facility we know that wet food sticks to the gums and causes dental disease. We do not wish to encourage this. If you wish to bring your own wet food along, we can feed it at your request.

Q. Can I bring along my own pet’s bedding and toys?

A. Because we are a large cattery as well as a veterinary clinic, we prefer you not to bring along your own pet’s bedding as it may get lost in the wash. If you are to bring along your own pet’s bedding or toys, especially blankets, we take absolutely no liability for it being misplaced. We will endeavour to keep it safe, however this is strictly at your own risk.